Olga Gonzalez

Executive Director

Olga Gonzalez (she, her, hers) was born in Monterrey Nuevo León, Mexico and grew up in Los Angeles, California.  She is proud of her Indigenous Mexican identity (Yaqui/Otomi) and refers to herself as a “MeXicanIndia” to honor the rich cultures and experiences that shaped her.

Olga is a long-time diversity, equity and inclusion consultant, seasoned nonprofit professional, and community activist and organizer.  Prior to joining Cultivando as interim Executive Director, she served as the board vice president for 2 years.  

Olga earned a dual bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Chicano Studies from Scripps College and a master’s degree in Nonprofit Management from Regis University as a Colorado Trust Fellow.  She has earned several awards for her work in the areas of health equity and social justice, including the Award for Excellence in the Promotion of Health Equity from the Public Health in the Rockies Conference.  She is currently part of the Transformative Leadership for Change fellowship that builds the strength, relationships and power social justice leaders from throughout Colorado. 

Olga is the proud mother of three amazing children, who along with her husband, is raising to be the next generation of fierce and compassionate social justice warriors.  In her free time, Olga likes trying out new restaurants, reading, spending time with her family, and teaching Zumba classes.

Olga Gonzalez